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Let Graphix Plus take your embroidery to the next level!

Employing some of the latest in embroidery technology and an experienced staff, there is almost nothing we can't do!

With in-house digitizing capabilities, even the most complex custom artwork can be digitized and embroidered. For ease of reordering, all digitized artwork is archived.

We utilize both single and multi-head high-speed machines, allowing us to tackle all embroidery jobs, from small runs, to large corporate orders. We even offer same day embroidery service!

There are hundreds of thread colours to choose from, all of which are made of extremely durable colourfast polyester. We even offer metallic threads in gold and silver!

Virtually all types of materials can be embroidered, from cotton to polyester, even leather! We are able to embroider customer-supplied apparel, and can also do custom repairs or improvements on existing embroidery work.

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We can output a variety of different size signs and banners on a mulitude of materials!

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